Time Left to Vote for Top 3 Books in May 2023





At the beginning of every month, members vote for 5 days, from the 1st of the month through the 5th. Each IP (computer) gets three votes:

Vote for…

1st Place (5 points)
2nd Place (4 points)
3rd Place (3 points)

The points will be confidentially tallied by our board, and the Grassroots Charts will be released on the 6th of each month.

Books Uploaded in May

- Top Rated Yak or Merino Wool Info
- Wild things chancing love
Doc - Meet The Constitution
Doc - The Next Millionaire — YOU!
Doc - Breaking The Illusions
Doc - Neothink Clubhouses: Like A Church But NOT A Church!
knysnadirectory123 - The Bankers Secret
Mack - DIY Guide Testing
Mack - Just a test
adm-nt - Dharti Sunhery