, we are the rich, the famous, the powerful — and the crème de la crème of society; sports and movie stars, musicians, millionaires, billionaires, businessmen, intellectuals, and renowned scientists. Congratulations are in order. You have chosen to join us,  . Be proud. Not many get this honor. And those who do, consider this day… the day they came upon the video below – to be the luckiest day of their life. Let me explain… We are The Neothink® Society. There is a hidden Latin word for us that means “imperial,” “powerful,” “lordly,” and magisterial.” Some consider us the most powerful organization in the world. Period. Never heard of us? Good! That is how we want it. You will learn our clandestine name in time. We go to great strides to ensure our anonymity. Very few people besides our members know of our existence. You should feel pretty special right now. Soon you may reap rewards you never thought attainable. While The Neothink® Society is covert, some of our members are extremely well-known, made up of the rich and the famous, the best and the brightest. Almost all of us grew up in humble circumstances. And many of us rose to almost unimaginable prosperity. All our needs and wants — wealth, power, romantic love, and happiness — have been realized. As you will soon see, there is nothing like being a member of the Neothink® Society.

I know what you’re thinking…“So why me”?

It’s simple. I’m obligated by an oath I made years ago to the Society. I happily agreed to recruit a select-few members who are worthy of this remarkable honor. I wish I could tell you who I am. But under advice from my counsel, I cannot reveal my name. However, I can tell you that under ordinary circumstances you’d never dream of connecting with me. In the Neothink® Society, however, amazing connections happen! Indeed, as you soon will realize, these are not ordinary circumstances. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m one of the most influential people in the world. If you own a TV, listen to the radio, browse the internet, there’s barely a day that goes by that my influence doesn’t affect every news story. I reside in the upper echelons of wealth and power. But I’ve also known tragedy and heartache, too. I’ll tell you more about my back story as you read on. You’ll note that the video below is marked “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, . It is meant to be watched by you and you alone, . Its contents are TOP SECRET and contain sensitive information which cannot be shared by anyone except members of The Neothink® Society. For now, I want to concentrate on YOU. The good news for you, , is that this video serves as your orientation to one of the most exclusive, privileged and powerful organizations that has ever existed. We’ve formally existed for half a century and “informally” existed since the time our republic was born, over 240 years ago! Since you joined us, we awarded you with a gift of immense value in the highly-guarded video below. I urge you to listen to every word very carefully. This video is truly life-changing. In fact, you won’t believe just how fast you can go from average Joe to powerful mogul where everything you’ve ever dreamed lies at your feet. Not in a year or even months. I’m talking about a few short weeks. Again, I know what you’re thinking, “This can’t be real.” Let me assure you everything I’ve told you and am about to tell you is genuine. It is not a joke or a gimmick. And you don’t have to commit to anything in order to get something invaluable from the Neothink® Society. The video below is a special one-of-a-kind gift the likes of which you’ve never seen or heard of before. The video is my GIFT to you, . And watching this gift will not obligate you in any way for anything. Not now. Not ever. On the contrary, this is all about what we, The Neothink® Society can do for YOU, . I hope I got your attention now. These words are intended for your eyes only. They are not to be shared with anyone else. As you read on, it will become clear why this is a primary consideration. Today is a lucky day for you. I want to share the secrets with you. Although you can make a lot of it once you know these secrets –– this is about much more than money! The Neothink® Society has uncovered the World’s most powerful secrets. Most people will never know them. We are only willing to share them with our members; watch the video. These secrets have been passed down from generation to generation. They’ll enable you to attract money, power, and love automatically. It will be like a moth to a flame. Every successful person throughout history knew the secrets. And that’s why they were successful, rich, happy, healthy, and powerful. It’s a blueprint for your success. And you can now see the secrets. Why?

Because you have membership in The Neothink® Society.

These scrupulously-guarded secrets have enabled members to achieve incredible wealth and prosperity. , have you ever wondered HOW certain individuals become wealthy, famous, and prosperous beyond all measure? It’s not random luck. It’s not pre-ordained. It’s certainly not that they’re so much smarter than everybody else. It’s something else that catapulted them to unfathomable riches and success that ordinary folks can only dream about. The fact is, their success is attributable to the powerful secrets. Secrets that I will pass on to you, . (Just watch the video.) Which brings me to perhaps the most important question of all: What attracted you to The Neothink® Society? The answer is simple. , you may not realize it. But most people attracted to Neothink® possess many of the characteristics, traits and qualities we admire. You most likely are kind, almost to a fault. Perhaps around the right people, you make and keep friends easily. And tell me if this is you: Your word is your bond. You’ve lived your life honorably, always striving to do the right thing and to do your best at all times. You almost never cut corners. And you often put your own ambitions aside and put the needs of others ahead of yourself. Perhaps you’ve struggled a bit lately. Perhaps things haven’t gone the way you’ve planned. Sometimes you may wonder if you can even keep your head above water. You could certainly use more money, not only for yourself but to give to those closest to you, those who rely on you, a better life. , once you absorb your secrets, you’ll have access to information that can put some big bucks in your pocket — $5,000, $10,000, even $100,000 cash. But there’s a lot more to these Secrets than just financial gain. They apply to every aspect of your life. From the moment you lay your eyes on them, you’ll know exactly how the beautiful people in the world stay that way. How the influential continue to dominate. How the movers and shakers set the pace for the rest of us. You’ll also discover the quick, easy ways to stay young and energetic, long into your 80s, 90s, and beyond. It’s not possible you say? Look at Warren Buffet, the “Oracle of Omaha”, who at age 87 is still the most foremost investor in the world. When he talks, the entire country listens. Or Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone, age 95. These businessmen stay active and relevant, sharp as a tack, long past the time when ordinary folks have retired. How do they do it? They learned the secrets many, many years ago. And now you can too. (Watch the full video below…) Have you ever heard of the old saying that a small but elite group of about 3,000 people control the entire world? While somewhat of an exaggeration, I can assure you that a relatively small but incredibly powerful group of individuals do control many of the world events you see unfolding in the news. We are the Society. And now you can join our ranks and wield power and influence that truly knows no bounds. This is important because after all these years , you never thought you’d get a break. I’m here to assure you that it’s all going to change…starting right now. Doors will open. And you’ll take your rightful seat as a preeminent member of perhaps the most powerful secret organization in the world. , there’s a story I heard years ago that I believe to be true. It involved the great physicist, Albert Einstein who, believe it or not, was caught in a love triangle. It has been said that once in possession of the secrets, he was able to crack the secrets of relativity and go on to discover the most famous equation in history, E=mc2. But what isn’t very well known is that Einstein, believe it or not, had quite a vigorous and unusual love life. It was a bit scandalous at the time, but Albert wanted to get a divorce so he could marry his mistress. Getting his wife to agree wasn’t going to be easy. But Einstein had a genius of a plan. He told her that he would give her his winnings from his Nobel Prize. She agreed without hesitation. Now here’s the shocker: Einstein pledged the money to her in 1919 and won the Nobel Prize in 1921! He had that much confidence that his ground-breaking ideas would be recognized. But how did he know so far in advance? He was armed with the secrets, the same secrets I will share with you. Einstein transformed himself from an ordinary citizen into the most famous, most revered man in the world! In fact, he was named Time Magazine’s “Person of the Century.” Not too shabby for a patent clerk. I mention this story for two reasons. First and foremost, it illustrates the power of the secrets. But it also demonstrates that it doesn’t matter who you are or your station in life. Anyone and everyone can rise to the top once you know the secrets. But in this case, Albert Einstein is every man, an ordinary Joe just like you, transformed by the power of the secrets into mythic-like status. Can you too reach the top rung and achieve superstardom? With the secrets, nothing is impossible. And now that I think about it, I realize that many of our members rose up from rather poor beginnings to attain every dream they’ve ever dreamed. So I would say if you follow them as they are written, you too will achieve your heart’s desires. You’ll fear nobody because you’ll be comforted by your rich new friends. You’ll feel bold so you can take advantage of any business situation or personal relationship. Let me assure you that once in possession of your secrets, genuine, lasting prosperity will finally be at your fingertips. Anything and everything is possible. And your success snowballs. You’ll meet people who want to partner with you. And your wealth and power could grow exponentially. Imagine — you sit next to someone at a restaurant and start talking. Out of the blue, it turns out that this person is a multi-millionaire with homes all over the world. You strike up a friendship. And doors start to open for you like never before because money begets money. , watch the entire video below! Now it’s time to reveal more about me. As I said earlier, under advice from counsel, I cannot reveal my name. However, I can tell you that I’m one of the most powerful people in the world. If you own a TV, read a newspaper or browse the internet, you know me. I don’t mean to brag, but I have all the wealth, power, sex, and authority that I will ever need. I’m not looking for money, for fame, or anything else for that matter. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth by any means. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the contrary. While my life is now a fairy tale, I grew up in extremely poor conditions. I endured the slings and arrows of a bad home life. My father died tragically in an accident a few months before I was born. My mother, needing to find a way to support the family, left me in the care of my grandparents while she left to study nursing. When she returned, she married a guy who turned out to be a con-artist who constantly abused my mother. While we endured the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, we did so as a tight-knit family. And somehow, in some way, we survived. I had my sights set on college, but honestly, I had no clue how I’d be able to pull it off. But then again, my Mom always taught me to dream big. One day, I got the shock of my life. In the mailbox was a letter that changed my life. It was like the letter you’re reading now. A stranger right out of the blue was offering me a chance to join the Society, the super-society of the ultra-rich and powerful. Become a member of the Society and I would be rewarded with their innermost secrets. An exact blueprint of foolproof tips, techniques, and shortcuts that would catapult me into an extraordinary new life. Like an invisible, unseen hand, they swore to guide me through uncharted waters so I could overcome any obstacle, face any negative situation and turn it 100% in my favor. I could have what only a few people in the whole world possess — the secrets that could make me rich, powerful, successful and in control of ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE for the rest of my life. This was an amazing surprise to me, completely opposite to having to push and claw your way for everything you got. Naturally, I decided to look a gift horse in the mouth. It sounded too good to be true. I tucked the letter away in my desk. Normally, I would have tossed it in the trash. But SOMETHING made me save it. It gnawed at me for an entire week. Then I had a revelation — simple, clear, powerful, perfect. What did I have to lose? It wasn’t costing me anything so why not send for my secrets and see what happens? (Back then there was no Internet so they sent me the contents of the video below in a 60-page booklet.) That may seem like no big deal to you , but it really had a powerful impact on me. Just then, I felt…different. I was empowered. I felt that this way my destiny. And all I had to do was say YES to my secrets and the world would be at my feet. It was an amazing, euphoric moment! It was almost like that invisible hand I told you about before was pointing the way to my true destiny. Was it a higher power? A sign from above? Perhaps. Maybe the members of the Society felt I was special enough to warrant selection into their exclusive society. Who was I to say no? This was my calling, my big chance in life. I probably would not get another. A few days later, the secrets arrived at my door. I took action and made a quick buck in the stock market. A small $100 investment turned into $10,000 practically overnight. I was stunned. I now had the money to go to college — and then some. From then on, I have been following a golden brick road. Of course there are always setbacks in life. But you’ll be able to overcome all the negativity and all your enemies who don’t want you to be rich and successful. I did. I rose to the pinnacle of power, and was for a time considered by many to be the most powerful man on earth. When I faced hardship, I used the tips and techniques I learned to beat back the opposition. And, incredibly, I emerged stronger and more prosperous than I ever was! I owe it all to the secrets. Look, , the truth is, deep down inside, you’ve always felt special. You always knew you were destined for more than you’ve gotten out of life so far. Now, here’s your chance to apply some incredibly easy secrets to acquire money, power, love in ALL situations. Watch the entire video below, . Whatever endeavor you try — the stock market, your investments, your career, your co-workers, business, politics, personal and romantic situations, even games of chance like poker — we’ll show you how easy it is to profit each and every time. One more important point , that I can’t stress enough: These secrets are, in fact, all based on science. It’s a proven scientific method that’s been tested on thousands and thousands of people. And they ALWAYS work. 100% of the time! Think about it. Everyone says there are only two “sure things” in life: death and taxes. Those of us in the Society always laugh at this notion because we know that these secrets are the third “sure thing” you can take to the bank again and again. Allow yourself to imagine how you’ll feel with money in the bank (more cash than you’ve ever dreamed about), power to influence those around you to do your bidding, romantic love abounding, great luck that sticks to you like a magnet, even fame (if you want it) that others will envy. Which brings me to another key point: We now feel you’re about to reach a new “beginning point” in your life. Put behind you all of the heartaches and disappointments and get ready to start anew. You are entering the most important phase of your life — the phase of Receptivity. Ever notice that almost everyone who has ever made it in life — from politicians to businessmen — has gone through their share of losses (even those who seemingly had it all since birth)? Whether they’ve gotten fired from a job, were cheated on by a spouse or lover, ended up broke, disillusioned and disappointed, they all say they had to bottom out BEFORE they could climb their way back to the top. You know what you’ve been through, , and I am sure it wasn’t easy. But you’re now ready for true Receptivity; that’s why you’re here. You’re older and wiser. You’re no longer judgmental or negative. You’re no longer feeling sorry for yourself. But you’re even more determined to succeed, if you’re only given a chance. That’s why now is your time for the biggest opportunity you will ever have, , an opportunity that will change everyone who’s close to you too. And all you have to do is watch the entire video below, available only to exclusive members in The Neothink® Society. And we’ll immediately reward you with our secrets – available only in that video. Well, , there is one thing that I must ask of you. When I joined the Society, there was only one caveat in the letter. And that caveat still stands today…that anyone who is invited into our Society must pay it forward. I took a solemn oath when I joined that I would pay it forward to someone who truly deserves admission into the Society. And I am duty-bound by my oath to the Society. I have no secret agenda to fulfill. I’m not asking you to do anything out of the ordinary. I have all the wealth, power, love, and authority in the world. To this day, my decisions affect millions of people all over the world. My only desire like all other Society members is to ensure that we continue our legacy – helping those who truly deserve it to gain the riches they so deserve. And based on everything we know about our new members, , you are an exact fit to carry our legacy forward. So when you have reached the top and your dreams and wishes have been fulfilled, we only ask that you invite another deserving person for inclusion in the Society, so he or she can reap the untold rewards. We consider this the ultimate WIN-WIN. Two more members for the price of one, so to speak. And you know what? That may be your greatest reward of all. Because it’s great to go from the poorhouse to the penthouse, from paycheck to paycheck to living with houses and yachts. But there’s nothing in the world quite like the feeling you get from helping someone else get up off the floor, someone who like you was down and out. And you are there to give him not a hand out but a hand up, a chance to grab the ultimate prize of money, love, and prosperity instantly. And here’s the key — automatically. The question comes down to: Do you believe, ? Do you believe you deserve it or not? If you do, then I trust you will act without delay. Your secrets have been reserved exclusively in your name and come to you only through the video below. Here’s just a sample of the power of the secrets:  

  • Discover the ONE simple method to transform all money and power from the uninformed to you…instantly.
  • Use this amazing bit of NEW scientific knowledge that will generate a mountain of cash like a personal ATM machine.
  • The simple, easy way to get the lover of your dreams. Regardless of his/her situation.
  • Learn how to seduce anyone in any situation (and even how to win your ex-love back).
  • Control anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  • Find out how simple it is to lose all the weight you want and eliminate any addiction (food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs) once and for all.
  • Know how to heighten your new powers and render all others completely helpless.
  • Learn to use your intuitive powers to beat the odds time and time again and cash in on casino games like poker.
  • Discover how to boost your intelligence and attract people like a magnet to do your bidding.
  • Learn how easy it is to get everyone you meet to like you instantly.
  • Discover how to arm yourself to detect negative, cheating or deceptive people or ploys and render them completely powerless and under your spell.
  • Find out how to make every relationship work — spouse, lover, kids, friends, co-workers so it’s more fulfilling for you and for them.

  I want to assure you that all the secrets, every last one of them, are completely legitimate and ethical. You do not need any special skills to implement them. It doesn‘t matter where you live or how old you are. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. You might be thinking that these secrets are difficult to learn and hard to master. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, like all other brilliant ideas or formulas, they’re amazingly simple and easy to understand. Best of all, once you learn the secrets, they’ll become second-nature to you. You won’t have to struggle to recall how to use them. It’ll be part of you, , and when you need to apply them day in and day out, you’ll recall them automatically without effort. It’s really quite incredible. There are other secret societies that are only talked about in whispered conversation in the shadow. Perhaps you’ve heard about Skull & Bones, the Society of Yale University. Founded in 1832 and referred to as the “Power Elite,” no official rosters were ever published after 1892. It is rumored that former President George Herbert Walker Bush as well as his son, George W. Bush, are members of Skull & Bones. But, of course nobody will ever confirm it. Their mission and membership remains under lock and key. I can truthfully tell you that Skull & Bones is a country club compared to the long-term good, power and influence of The Neothink® Society. , we at The Neothink® Society believe opportunity truly does knock for everyone. BUT ONLY ONCE. For every person that makes it big, they had the ability to recognize the opportunity as soon as it presented itself — and then they acted on it without a second thought. So I urge you, , don’t over-think the situation, don’t dwell on any perceived negatives. I promise that you have nothing to lose and whole lot to gain. Don’t be afraid to act, fearing the worst. In this case, a golden opportunity has come knocking. And this is your time to shine, if you seize the moment. I’m betting that we will know you maybe even better than you know yourself. I believe you’re not going to pass up this opportunity. Like most, you’ve been in a life that’s not up to your desired standards. Here’s your chance to move up high and enjoy the life you truly were meant to enjoy. It’s almost like it’s been preordained. But again, you have free will. You can decline to watch our highly-protected video below. But I think you’re going to watch it because you feel the excitement of a new life beating inside you. Many of our members have flourished, enriched their lives in every way, becoming phenomenally more prosperous, more relaxed, more confident, more in control of themselves and others. And blissfully happy, living life the way it was meant to be lived. If you can’t say that now (and how many people truly can?), then it’s time for you to watch your members-only video below, from beginning to end, join our esteemed ranks, and absorb your life-changing secrets. So to ensure your Receptivity phase is realized, watch the entire video right now. One final point: In case you’re wondering if our members ever get tighter, the answer is YES! Before too long after joining us, you’ll be ready to meet with us as an esteemed member of The Neothink® Society. We do everything in grand style and this is the ultimate event. We hold a huge bash at a secret (what else?) location the likes of which you have to see to believe. You’ll rub shoulders with the rich and famous, dine on succulent cuisine from master chefs, and drink the finest wine and champagne money can buy. Best of all, you’ll make friends with other important members that’ll enrich your life even more. I just love these wonderful get-togethers! One of the highlights that never fail to draw a huge laugh from the crowd is when one of our new members meets up with a celebrity they’ve long admired. Some just hem and haw. Others just stand transfixed, unable to move or utter even a single syllable. The reaction is priceless! But you’ll be surprised how quickly they fit in and become “one of us.” Keep in mind; you’ll be on equal footing. Everybody in attendance has the same stature in life. You, me, and all the members are powerful members of one of the most powerful organizations on the face of the Earth. It’s quite an exhilarating feeling, I must say. Being a member of The Neothink® Society feels like a blanket of protection has been laid over you. You’ll have the peace-of-mind that you’ve never had before. And you’ll be amazed at how easily good things will come your way without even trying. , great things are in store for you. Start by watching the video for your eyes only. It doesn’t matter what your background is. It doesn’t matter what your education level is. You don’t need any special training. People in the Society are both older and younger and in-between, male and female…it does not matter. Your character, , is what attracts us to each other. The only thing that does matter is your desire to join us. The desire to improve your lot in life. We are an organization that thinks fast and moves fast. There’s an old saying: “Either lead, follow or get out of the way.” We are the leaders and we want you to join us. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our exclusive Society. Watch the entire video right now before it’s too late. It will change your life, . I guarantee it.

Sincerely, Your Mentor

P.S. Remember, becoming wealthy and powerful has never been easier. Just watch the coveted video below. I know the secrets will change your life with enormous wealth, love, luck and prosperity. Watch the full video today.

’s Video Orientation

Congratulations . Recently you became a new Society member. The Neothink® Society Revelations Video below is your first valuable installment from the Society. Within your Neothink® Society Revelations Video below lies a secret message. It is for your eyes only, . If you uncover that secret message, you could come upon wealth and fame. If you do not discover the secret message, you still absorb it when you watch your attached Neothink® Society Revelations Video, and within three days, , three very good things could happen to you involving money, power, and love! All you have to do is watch the true stories about money and love in the highly-guarded video below for your eyes only, , and within three days your life should change dramatically for the better. …This is powerful stuff that is released only to a select few individuals at a time. The Secret Video “For Your Eyes Only” spells out the secret for you, , piece by piece. Moreover, the video nearly decodes it. When you watch it, you will absorb a nearly decoded version of the secret message. Three major good things should happen to you in the first seventy-two hours. So, you will absolutely know in less than three days that these secrets, hidden from this world for nearly 2500 years, are working for you. You will know for sure in those three days that you will always want to keep the Secrets by your side and never part with them, ever. Here is why, as I now realize, so much good happens so quickly: Inside the nearly 2500-year-old secrets are hidden messages with secret meanings that I am not even fully aware of, which pass into the viewer with certain powers that have evolved over a hundred generations for the past two-and-a-half millennia. Some of those secret meanings are hidden in the attached video itself. So, when you, , take just a few minutes, as I did, watching to the video, you absorb some of the ancient secret powers. That makes perfect sense, for a society that contains the two-thousand-five-hundred-year-old secrets to wealth, power, and love used exclusively by the rich, powerful and famous…therein such a video lies the most evolved competitive advantages, shortcuts, and powers. Those secret powers evolved for well over two thousand years. Of course, we will not understand them all, but we will absorb them through this coveted video. They are the timeless ancient powers preserved for all time in this Society. , you will believe those powers exist and pass into you within three days of watching the video. Like me, out of the blue, even after just breezing through the video, very good things start happening to you — immediately. If you’re single, you just might meet and fall in love with the man or woman of your dreams. If you’re poor, you just might stumble upon the opportunity of a lifetime and onto the path of wealth and riches. If you’re sickly, you just might suddenly make a turn toward health and vitality. If you’re meek and cowardly, you just might suddenly become strong and fearless. If you’re depressed or unhappy…this video will be your Shangrila. Now, watch the Neothink® Society Revelations Video below “For Your Eyes Only”, , for the secret message actually resides within those stories about money and love, and if you discover the secret message in the stories, then the life of high-society and high-living will start to happen to you, right away. Even if you do not discover the secret message, you will absorb it just by listening to the stories, and three very good things should happen to you within seventy-two hours, :

For Your Eyes Only


Below is a small sampling of comments I overheard at the last Neothink® Society World Summit of people who discovered the secret message. Some discovered that secret message in Level Two. In that guarded heirloom package, the secret is spelled out for its readers. Others discovered or absorbed the secret, hidden in their Society Revelations Video:

“Within one hour after receiving my package, my ex-wife was back in my arms! The Secrets are unbelievable but work! Thanks will never be enough. We’ll never be the same again!” “I got the package and started going through the material. Within days I had over $10,000 CASH! But even more important, all my emotional pain, hurts and diminishments from my past were gone! I would have paid 100 times the price for the value I now possess.” “First I lost 40 lbs. in 4 weeks, without even trying to! Plus, my business almost doubled in this short time. I’m giving the manuscript to my son instead of sending him to college. I think it’s the most valuable work I’ve ever read and the and the best investment I’ve ever made!” “I won $50,000 in Vegas in one weekend. I can now control anyone, anything. Obviously, the purchase price has been returned to me literally thousands of times!” “Pure Power. I am profiting in more ways than thought possible. Plus it’s so easy! I’ve never enjoyed life more!” “The greatest mind-opening information ever! The rewards are limitless.” “One week after I got the Secrets in Level Two, the woman I’ve been trying to date for six months, to no avail, called and asked me out! On our second date she said she was overwhelmed and in love with me! I’m dumbfounded at how powerful the Secrets are!” “The Society Revelations Video and then especially Level Two gave me the most guarded, never-before-seen-by-the-layman, 2400-year-old secret money/power/love-gathering technique and mystical power used by the rich and famous throughout history. The “ah ha!” experience took my breath away! Now, I’m one of them — the fortunate few.” “When I saw the secret message in the Society Revelations Video, I felt like I had an epiphany. Then when I got my Level Two package, I quickly came upon riches and fame. I mean, that happened almost immediately after the huge package of Level Two arrived!”